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Orla Matthews

Alliance Senior Manager, Padninthi Kumangka Wardli, the North West Alliance

My current role is the Alliance Senior Manager for Padninthi Kumangka Wardli, the North West Alliance in metro Adelaide. My background is in social work and have spent my career working in both the non for profit and government sectors.

The first phase of my career was spent in Ireland working predominantly within the youth, child protection and family support fields.

One of my career highlights was leading a first of its kind family reunification project in Ireland. Our program resulted in children having improved family connections, sense of identity and improved relationships, through a play based model.  Disability is another area I have spent some time in.

Since arriving in Australia, I have spent the last decade in the homeless sector leading various teams including crisis intervention and transitional housing programs within the CBD region, Well-being programs within the region and most recently I’ve spent the last four years as part of the leadership team leading South Australia’s first ever social impact bond. The social impact bond specialised in implementing a targeted case management approach to clients with a high level of vulnerability, with the aim to reduce a person’s time in emergency accommodation, the justice system and the hospital system. The roles I have chosen have always been led by innovative approaches and with a drive to achieve better outcomes for vulnerable people.

The reform is an exciting time to leverage this skill set and shift our approach to the way we operate at Padninthi Kumangka Wardli to drive both client and systemic change.