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Jacinta Chavulak

Research Assistant, Monash University

Jacinta Chavulak is a qualified social worker based in Melbourne, Australia. She is currently working as a senior mental health clinician, university teaching associate and research assistant. Her direct practice experience includes Emergency Psychiatry, suicide prevention, clinical case management, support work and community work. Jacinta enjoys her teaching work, focusing on mental health social work and social policy. Her research work is focused on preserving human rights and access in service delivery in both the mental health and Out-of-Home-Care (OHC) sectors. She has published on potential alternatives to restrictive interventions, utilising lived experience and on current literature in OHC. Most recently Jacinta was a part of an AHURI funded project Accommodating transition: improving housing outcomes for young people leaving OHC. This research examined the housing, homelessness, mental health, alcohol and drug and juvenile justice service usage pathways for OHC leavers in Victoria and Western Australia.