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Dr Debbie Faulkner

Co-executive Director – Centre for Markets, Values and Inclusion, University of South Australia

Dr Debbie Faulkner is co-executive director of the Centre for Markets, Values and Inclusion at Uni SA Business. Debbie is a human social geographer with expertise in the areas of housing and ageing, age care, social participation and the well-being of older people and the housing of at risk groups in the community including people with disability, the homeless and women. Debbie’s work is focussed and grounded in research that aims to raise awareness about the impact of policy on the community and to work towards positive change that results in improvements in people’s lives. Debbie has a long history of working collaboratively with a range of organisations and stakeholders including AHURI in the co-designing, executing and administration of projects. She currently leads an AHURI Inquiry into housing policies and practices for precariously housed older Australians.